When we say that all of our ingredients are “from nature” what we are really saying is that everything your dog needs comes from their environment, NOT a laboratory.

Minerals are inorganic compounds that occur naturally…they can’t be produced by plants or animals BUT they can be absorbed by plants. Minerals like calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and sulphur are critical to your dog’s health. Trace minerals like iron, copper, cobalt, zinc, selenium, manganese and iodine are also important for healthy and proper bodily function. When the ingredients in your pet’s food are inadequate, manufacturers add synthetic mineral supplements to bring it up to spec. These inadequacies can be from lesser ingredients or it can be due to how the ingredients are processed and manufactured (e.g. extrusion). Either way, the essential minerals found in nature are MORE biologically valuable for your dog because their body is better able to absorb and utilize minerals that come from fruits and vegetables than the ones that come from the lab.

Chelated minerals are minerals that are chemically bonded to a protein (e.g. zinc proteinate) for a higher absorption rate than that of standard synthetic supplements. While this is a start, it is still not as good as natural forms of zinc.

Here is a listing of the vitamin and minerals that your pet requires as well as the essential and non-essential amino acids that dogs need to thrive. Go ahead and compare our ingredient sources with your current dog food.