It’s not just a tagline; these are the words we live by daily at the Guardian Pet Food Company.

REAL.  What you see is what you get. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in any of our treats. There are no hidden processing aids in the creation of our products. We don’t use corn, wheat, soy or white potatoes—not because those things are inherently bad, but because we know that as ingredient quality increases, so does the ability to digest and absorb the nutrients our pets need to thrive.

SIMPLE.  Life can be complicated. Food shouldn’t be. With all the information competing for our attention, we’ve learned to filter out the noise. When it comes to nutrition, the simplest answer is often the best answer. By eliminating ingredients that have little to no value for our pets, we end up with a list that is simple, nutritious, and clean. Its also how we can fit in an entire day’s requirements in only 2oz.!

HONEST. We have spent our entire professional lives in pet care at some of the biggest names in the industry. Because of the efforts of those companies over the last two decades, the average life expectancy of pets has been extended by three years. We are proud to have been a part of that but we know we can do better. We will never stop searching for better ways to help our pets lead healthier lives.