Admit it: even if you’ve looked at the ingredients in your pet’s food, you probably don’t recognize them all or know why they’re included.

We know you care what they eat but today you need a science degree to understand it all: Carrageenan? BHA/BHT? Montmorillonite Clay?

And what about all the forms of flour and sugar? Why are those in there?

The simple answer is because manufacturers use them to save money.

They’re not all bad, but some are chemical preservatives or highly processed fillers. Some have a high glycemic index while others may be harder for your pet to digest. A lot of them are added to replace the loss of nutrients that occur during the extrusion process during manufacturing dry kibble.

At Guardian Pet Food Company, we know there is a better way to deliver the nutrients your pet needs and you won’t need an internet search to understand our ingredients, either.

Our ingredients are things like “chicken”, “blueberries”, “spinach” and “chickpeas.” We don’t use any corn, wheat, soy or white potatoes. You won’t find any artificial flavors, colors or processing aids. It’s one of the reasons why a 2oz bar can provide all the nutrients a dog needs for the day.

MoRE Canine Food Bars – less is more!