While the best way to check your dog's health is an examination by your veterinarian, there are a few external signs that will give you an idea as to how they're doing!


Typically the first "symptoms" of a poor diet is a dull coat, flaky/scaly skin and weak nails. While Omega-6 fatty acids will give lustre to a dog's coat, it is essential to have the proper ratio of Omega-3:Omega-6 fatty acids for proper health. The Omega-3s have a very good anti-inflammatory effect. A quality protein also helps!

Guardian not only contains a high level of Omega 3 and Omega 6, they are in a perfect ratio so as to be balanced and beneficial to your dog.


A dog's ability to easily digest food is paramount to their health. This is how essential nutrients are delivered to the body. Poorly cooked starches (as well as excessive starches) can cause fermentation in the large intestines leading to gas, bloat and diarrhea. High fiber can also be problematic as certain amino acids cannot be synthesized or absorbed due to poor digestibility.

Guardian's MoRE Bars are over 91% digestible and have low carbohydrates (<11%) and low levels of starch (<6%). Our Bars are nutrient dense (6300 kcal/kg) with high bio-availability in order to deliver targeted nutrition.


A 14 year "life span" study showed that median life span could be extended by 15% (nearly 2 years for Labradors) by feeding 25% fewer calories.

By targeting the nutritional requirements of your dog, Guardian is able to provide more with less food. Because our food is freeze-dried, your dog will be getting fewer carbs and less starches.


Tartar and plaque thrive on sugars that are found in carbohydrates and starches.Traditional dry kibble consists of 40-70% carbohydrates. When the starch and sugar stick to your dog's teeth, long term health issues can arise beyond bad breath, gingivitis and periodontal disease.

In order for dry kibble to be formed during extrusion, high levels of starches are necessary.When compared to MoRE Bars, dry kibble contains 3-5x more starch.


Your dog gets energy from Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates (macronutrients). Fats are the preferred energy source for your dog as they provide more than 2.5x the calories as proteins or fats. Proteins provide the amino acids that your dog uses to build, repair and replenish cells. Carbohydrates, while not necessary , do improve the body's functioning.

On every package from Guardian, we provide a pie chart that shows the caloric distribution by macronutrient.


Tom Ristich

Vinny the Dachshund

I thoughtI had the only dachshund in the world that did not like to eat! We got Vinny as a very young puppy, and since then he has never been consistently interested in any type of dog food. We tried everything - different brands, flavors, canned food, feeding times - nothing seemed to work. He would show positive signs with some of the changes, but then quickly went back to eating very little or losing interest altogether.

We decided to try Guardian’s MoRE Bars,and they have absolutely made all the difference. It’s been about four months andrunning,and Vinny LOVES them. He eats all of his food, twice a day - and would probably eat as much as I’d give him. As soon as I breakup a piece into his bowl, he eats it right away. Nothing has ever done that! He is also crazy about your treats - he knows the sound of the package when I open it and comes running in from wherever he is. That doesn’t happen with other treats!

So, a big thank you for ending my years of searching. Guardian Pet Foods products are the real deal, especially if they can convert a dog like Vinny!